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Celebrating National Brothers and Sisters Day

Today, May 2nd, is National Brothers and Sisters Day. A bond between a brother and sister is unique and they are often one another’s best friends and supporters. This day is meant to be spent with siblings; those who have spent time having fun together and those who will always be by one another’s side. To have a brother or sister is a blessing that we usually take for granted. Not everyone has a sibling that they can count on, so if you do, today is the day to recognize their importance in your life.

Siblings Portrait
Siblings Portrait

The COVID-19 pandemic is a new adjustment for people to become accustomed to staying home, especially difficult for families. Many parents experience fear and anxiety about the unknown of whether they can support their families and children are lacking the resources to stay occupied and to continue to learn during this uncertain time. This holiday provides an escape for those families and allows them to forget about their present worries and appreciate those they love most, a brother or sister.

It is the perfect time to celebrate this holiday during quarantine. This stay at home order will provide you the time and ability to cherish your brothers and sisters. On this day, we encourage you to reflect upon the memories that you have created with your siblings, reconnect with the brother or sister that you may have not spoken to recently via zoom or a phone call, and appreciate the family that you have around you that will always be available to provide support through these long quarantine days. Let your brother or sister know how much they mean to you and make sure you let them know that they are loved.

Although you may not be able to spend time with each other outside your home or go to your favorite local restaurant, please remember that you can share this fun holiday in the comfort of your home with your loved ones. Look at old photos, home videos, or simply talk about your favorite memories with your brothers and sisters. You can even recreate them similar to the getty museum challenge!

Getty Museum Challenge Photo
Getty Museum Challenge Photo

It is important to prioritize your family and make sure that your brothers and sisters know that. Here is a list of some fun activities that you can do while spending time with your brothers and sisters during quarantine:

  • Cook your favorite dish or come up with a new recipe: Cooking and baking are both great opportunities for you to spend time with your siblings. Easy recipes to cook during quarantine can be a fun way to explore new food!

  • Plant a garden: Quarantine is a perfect opportunity for you to begin eating healthy, and a perfect way for you to do that is by growing your own food in a garden that you can create with your brother or sister on this holiday! You can start your garden with some easy foods to grow at home!

Family Gardening
Family Gardening
  • Create your own board game: Board games are an awesome pass-time, especially when you can make your own based on your memories and favorite moments you have shared with your brother or sister! Create your own unique board game so that you can play with your loved ones during quarantine!

  • Decorate cookies: In a time of uncertainty, a freshly baked batch of cookies or chocolate chip brownies are the best recipe to relieve stress and anxiety. Fun dessert recipes to make during quarantine is another way that you can spend time with your brother or sister today!

  • Arts and crafts: An additional way to explore your creativity with your sibling is with these 20 easy crafts. Each craft requires items that you can find around your house, so they are super simple and require little effort!

It is important to continue to expose children to new activities everyday so that they do not get bored or anxious during quarantine. This holiday gives your children the perfect opportunity to be distracted from boredom by spending time with one another! You can encourage your children to complete the free weekly activities that Otter Learning has provided! It is important for children to learn the importance and value of their brothers and sisters as well. These enriching activities allow siblings to bond and create new memories on this holiday. Your children can challenge themselves with learning new skills that are provided in these exciting mathematics, reading, and well being activities. Otter Learning prioritizes children being able to learn at their own pace and the best way for children to continue to learn in that approach is by completing the free activities supplied by Otter Learning. To encourage your children to celebrate their brothers or sisters on this holiday, you could even have them make a card to showcase their appreciation for each other.

National Brothers and Sisters Day is important because it allows you to recognize why demonstrating appreciation for siblings is vital. Brothers and sisters provide love, support, and morals that you share. They are supportive and protective of each other. We recommend that you recognize your brother or sister in any way that you know they will value. Watch a movie, take a walk, ride a bike, or play your favorite game together. Anything that you do together will showcase your appreciation. Just make the effort to spend quality time!

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