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3 Ways to Keep Your Child Safe & Engaged This School Year

The importance of staying safe during the school year is fundamental to your child’s development. With flu season approaching and now COVID-19, it’s overwhelming to know how to prepare for you and your child’s safety. Establishing projects around safe hygiene practices is a great way to keep kids safe and engaged during the school months!  Here are three projects you can do to enhance hygiene and keep kids busy during the school week:

  • DIY face coverings

  • DIY hand soap

  • Creating a handwashing song

DIY Face Coverings

The importance of wearing a facemask is key in stopping the spread of COVID-19. In-person learning requires kids to wear cloth face coverings while in school, so why not turn it into an art project? This is a fun way to get your child involved in a cause that’s beneficial to their peers and helps solidify why wearing a mask is so important. Instructions are available on platforms such as YouTube if you need help getting started: DIY Kid's Face Mask

DIY Hand Soap

Washing your hands under warm, soapy water for a minimum of 20 seconds is another important step in combating COVID-19. Creating a DIY hand soap project is a way for children to feel proud and responsible for their hygiene. With a few simple materials, you and your child can make and design hand soap that’s beneficial for the whole family. PBS for parents provides a great resource on how to make hand soap from scratch: How to Make Soap for Kids

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Creating a Handwashing Song

Songs are a great way for children to learn and enhance their knowledge of complex topics. Creating a short, 20-30 second song or melody can be a great way for your child to keep track of their hand washing time. Picking a song your child already likes or making one up is a great way to begin!

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