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8 Best Reusable Masks for Kids

By now, most of us realize that face masks aren't going away and will be a part of our everyday life for the unseeable future. It’s good to stock up on masks for young children who will need to wear them when in public settings like schools.

Here are the top 8 masks we found on the internet you can give to your child or a child you know!

dinosaur face mask


Vistaprint Kids Mask | $10.00 (1 Mask)

Have kids explore their wild side with this cute dinosaur mask! Their stretchy material makes this very comfortable for kids who struggle with wearing a mask on their faces. Most of the designs on their website come in kid's sizes for endless possibilities for styles to choose from! Made from 100% polyester, we recommend wearing their masks in the wintertime for extra warmth when outside!

animal face masks


Cubcoats Mask Buddies | $22.00 (3 Masks)

These masks are a head-turner with a unique and adorable way for children to transform into their favorite animals. Wear it as a face mask, or transform it into a wristband or hair-tie for a cute accessory to any outfit! With 2-layers of fabric and lined with 100% cotton, these masks are super comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. The 3-pack comes with Pimm the Puppy, Kali the Kitty, and Flynn the Fox- how fun!

face masks


GAP Kids Contour Mask with Filter Pocket | SALE $5.00 (3 Masks)

Who doesn’t love a good deal?! Made from triple-layer cotton and contoured shape for comfort, this adjustable face mask is perfect for kids! The nose piece is adjustable for a snug, secure fit and the colors range from navy and green to pink and maroon!

face mask


SwaddleDesigns Kids Face Mask | SALE $1.99 (1 Mask)

All we can say is WOW! Originally $13.99, this sale is a major win when trying to score a deal on a good bargain! This reusable, 2-layered cotton face mask is gentle, lightweight, and soft around the ears for maximum comfort. The blue dots on the face mask make it a clean and simple look for any occasion!

kids with face masks


JAANUU Reusable Antimicrobial Finished Kids Face Mask | $25.00 (5 Masks)

Using antimicrobial preservative technology, JAANUU face masks are hygienic and have a reinforced mesh lining for extra durability. Stretchable earloops make for a comfortable fit and easy access when taking the mask on and off. Silvadur™ antimicrobial technology prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that can lead to discoloration and deterioration of the fabric.

face masks

Rafi Nova

Rafi Nova Kids Performance Mask | $18.00 (2 Masks)

This face mask is composed of 3 layers of materials, including an anti-bacterial layer and a non-removable filter pocket. Earloop adjustment toggles and an adjustable nose bridge are great features that help kids stay protected for a prolonged period of time. They have solid color masks but sell fun designs like Zebra and Cow print masks for kids who feel like dressing up!

sushi face mask


Bonrisu x Meals on Wheels – Meals Kids Face Mask | $16.00 (1 Mask)

How cool is this project?! Bonrisu has collaborated with Meals on Wheels America to design a mask that represents and highlights the importance of fighting hunger and isolation among millions of seniors access the US. This mask is lightweight and breathable and made from 100% cotton and polyester, and houses an optional filter pocket for filter inserts.

crayola face masks


Crayola Kids Mask Set | SALE $23.99 (5 Masks) This 5-pack bundle set is a great way to keep masks organized by each day of the school week. This helps prevent cross-contamination and makes it easy to know which mask is for which day of the week! The bright and vibrant colors are a great way for your child to stand out in a fun and creative way. A mesh laundry bag is also included in this package to help separate the masks from other clothing items.

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