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5 Great Ways to Encourage Kids’ Eating Healthy Food

Meta: Is your child the type that keeps on adding candies in your shopping basket when he tags along, or the one who’ll skip dinner if you prepare a vegan dish? Kids can be quite a handful when it comes to dieting, so how can we help in healthy eating?

First things first, there is no way you can bumfuzzle your toddler with those gigantic nutrition terms and expect them to learn right? Or rather be that harsh parent and force them to eat what you want and they’ll starve as a punishment of not conforming to your rule. Kids are quite fragile, and like an egg, you'll end up breaking them if you don't give tender care. So how can you institute healthy eating habits for kids?

Mama, take a bite!

1. Work on Yourself!

Change always starts with you! We all know that kids learn a lot by observations (do they have another choice if they haven't got the hang of reading and writing?). So most of the things that you do will be reciprocated to them as well and would you blame them if they start being like you? Well, as a parent you ought to be healthy eating as a way to set a good example for your kids. That way, they'll grow up knowing that this is the right way to diet because mum and dad also do it. Monkey see monkey do! Similarly, making these changes on yourself will enlighten you on the different ways to go about it as well as the possible challenges that one can face. Won’t these skills be instrumental in helping out your kid towards healthy eating?

2. Slide-in Some Small Tips

A for apple…

You have to ace your approach to this new habit you want to start. Creativity and a little investment here and there can go a long way in your trial. Let's agree on one thing, kids love fun and play, right? There are a couple of ways that you can get your kid to healthy eating but the one that has been proved to be very effective is starting from the basics. For instance, getting a study chart for the alphabetical order or number sequence can get your kids eating healthy in no time. Picture this – A for apple, B for banana, C for carrot, D for dates, E for eggs. If you can’t get such you can always customize your own.

3. Start with their Packed Lunch

Chefs will tell you that there are different ways you can prepare something. Knowing your way around the kitchen will help you in teaching kids about healthy eating. The normal sandwich can be quite boring for your toddler especially if it’s packed daily. Getting better in preparing healthy meals for your kid to carry to school can help you out with this trouble. Furthermore getting a cute lunchbox and excelling in the way you arrange and present the different foods you’ve prepared will encourage your child to always clear their lunch. If your child hasn’t started school yet, beginning their day with a bowl of the top cereal brands can be a starter for healthy eating.

4. Why Not Cook Together?

So this is how we prepare scrambled eggs’

This can also be a smart move that will have a long-term effect on your child. Preparing dinner together with your kid will be healthy eating activities for kids. Your child will have the opportunity to know just the right amount of ingredients to use, how to cook those 'boring' foods, the importance as well. This can be a bonus to get to bond with your child as you guys talk about different topics as you get to listen to her opinions as well. Killing two birds with a stone!

5. Change the ‘Treats’ that You Give

Let's be real here many of the food treats aren't always healthy right? But we won't focus on that now but rather the general presents that you give. If you want your child to learn about healthy eating recipes for kids, why not get them a cookbook?


To avoid all the poor health conditions like diabetes and obesity, healthy eating is very important for your kids. Does your kid eat healthily? Leave us a comment.

Author’s Bio:

Amalia Liberman a wife and a mother of two as well as a novelist and writer, she has been featured in Women's Health magazine and also written different articles in lifestyle magazines. Her roles as a mother and a social worker have allowed her to gain immense experience in communicating with children who are faced with uncertainties in life. Having worked with kids for over fifteen years now, she’s well versed in most issues affecting children and their physical and psychological development. Her passions lead her to search out knowledge and she doesn’t mind sharing her findings.

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