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Week 4 - Free Home Resources: Mathematics

Week Four of our at home free resources series covers Mathematics. We have tried to include various engaging options that range from on screen games to off screen activities.

As a reminder, each week, we will be providing these resource lists based on specific learning areas (Activity / Well being, Reading / Writing, Math, Languages, etc.). We hope you enjoy!


Cool Math 4 Kids Math lessons and games by topic (addition, fractions, etc.) or by grade.

Marble Math Solve math problems by collecting numbers while moving a marble through a series of mazes (In the Apple store)

Bedtime Math Offers off-screen, fun activities to engage kids in building numeracy in ways that don’t feel like school, aimed at kids aged 3-9. (They also have iOS and Android apps.)

Greg Tang Math - Math games and resources for all ages

XtraMath - Math programs for students, parents and teachers

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