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Week 6 - Free Home Resources: Science

Week Six of our at home free resources series covers Science. We have tried to include various engaging options that range from on screen games to off screen activities.

As a reminder, each week, we will be providing these resource lists based on specific learning areas (Activity / Well being, Reading / Writing, Math, Languages, etc.). We hope you enjoy!

Science Five-minute inquiries used to start the day, take a break, or spark curiosity, with prompts like “Can turtles live outside their shells?” and “Why are rubies red?”

But Why: The podcast for curious kids This podcast treats young listeners, and their many, many questions with a deep sense of respect without taking itself too seriously. Do animals get married? How are noodles made?

Professor Egghead Science Academy - Interactive lessons on science and engineering Discovery about animals, science, history, and geography, then games with fun quizzes by topic (dinosaurs, comets, etc.). Take a look at “Primary Resources” for learning materials by topic (history, science, geography, math, art and design, etc.).

Frontiers for Young Minds Distinguished scientists write about their cutting-edge discoveries in accessible language for young readers.

Mystery Science - Science lessons for grades K-5

National Geographic Kids Science Lab - Science experiments, videos and articles

National Ocean Service (NOAA) Kids - Science activities and resources for kids and educators

Children's Museum Houston - Weather and Science videos and activities for grades PreK-5

SciShow Kids - Videos explaining scientific concepts for young, curious minds

Frontiers for Young Minds - Science articles written by scientists and reviewed by kids

Bill Nye the Science Guy - Educational videos covering life, physical and planetary sciences

Skype a Scientist Matches scientists with children / families

YouTube channels for science and computing:

  • GEOgraphy Focus Maps, country descriptions, flags, and more.

  • Crash Course Kids Fifth grade science made cool.

  • Free School Short videos about art, classical music, children’s literature, and natural science..

  • SciShow Kids For younger kids (3-7) on everything from coral reefs, why is fire hot to how to say goodbye.

  • TheBrainScoop Emily Grassley, chief curiosity correspondent for the Field Museum in Chicago, shares the work and research of natural history museums with the world.

  • SciShow The secrets to what makes the universe tick.

  • Science Max Science experiments at home.

  • Geek Gurl Diaries Carrie Anne is a self-described geek, and has a collection of video logs about using and making technology, along side interviews with inspirational women in the fields of computing, science, technology, and engineering. Learn about “adventures in Raspberry Pi” or how to program Python.

  • Mike Likes Science Math and science raps (“you have two points on a line; you need an equation but it slipped your mind; slope-intercept is what you need; y=mx+b”). Need we say more?

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