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How to Educate Your Children About COVID-19

As the school year will start up again soon, this can create stress for both parents and children as there is still a pandemic going on. While there is still no vaccine for this virus, it is up to us to take precautionary measures to slow the spread. It’s important to understand what returning to school will look like, so you can prepare your children accordingly. Although we will incorporate new routines into our school day to take precautionary measures, make it clear to your child that they will still grow, learn, and have fun!

Start at home!

We need parents to take this very seriously during out of school hours to ensure that every family can send their child to school feeling safe. For both children and adults, it is crucial to sanitize your hands before entering your home from school, or work. It is efficient to also have child safe cleaning supplies available around your home to ensure you get rid of any germs!

Build Up Immune Systems

As the novel coronavirus continues to remain a threat, keeping your kids healthy and in tiptop shape remains a priority.

  • Strengthening your child’s immune system is a must — not just to better fend off COVID-19, but also other threats like your run-of-the-mill school-year sniffles.

  • Make sure to fortify their diets with immune-boosting meals.

  • You also want to make sure that they get sufficient exercise to increase immunity and strength, as well as lower stress.

  • This can be as simple and as fun as getting them to play outside, rain or shine.

Help Your Child Understand How They Can Help:

It is likely that your child can become very confused when seeing people wear masks everywhere, and waiting in lines six feet apart at the grocery store. It is important to teach your child what is going on and how they can help prevent the spread of this virus. Have open conversations with your child, and allow them to ask any questions they might have. Go into these conversations with a “we’re all in this together” mindset, to make your child excited about doing their part in slowing the spread.

Returning To School & Covid-19:

Preparation is a huge factor of making sure our classrooms are safe. We have planned out how we are going to take safety precautions to ensure your child’s safety. Wearing masks will become a new norm for your child. It is important to get your child familiar with wearing a mask if they are not already, so that it does not seem like a big adjustment. It is also a good idea to send your child to school with a hand sanitizer to kill the spread of germs. Having these conversations before sending your child back to school is crucial, so that they are not surprised when they get back and everything seems different from what they are used to.

Before sending your child back to school, start by trying to boost your child's immune system. Encouraging healthy food and exercise is a great way to start. Check out our two blog posts: 5 Great Ways To Encourage Healthy Food, and How To Incorporate Outdoor Activities In Your Child's Routine, if you wish to read more about encouraging a healthy lifestyle to build your child’s immunity!

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