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How To Incorporate Outdoor Activities In Your Child's Routine

While you are trying to occupy your children during the summer and ensure that they are not bored, it is important to consider that they should spend quality time outside. When your child is active, it promotes a healthy state of mind, in addition to exercise! Exercise can also be one of the best prevention and treatment strategies for depression by producing an increase in endorphins, which control your mood. Your child will continue to learn and develop while he or she enjoys the warmth of the sun and fresh air during a summer day. Maintaining physical activity while your child is no longer attending school or engaging in extracurricular activities can help prevent or reduce any health problems.

Occupying your child all day may be a struggle, but a convenient and easy way to pass time is neighborhood I-spy! With a neighborhood I-spy activity, your child will be able to learn while being active. The I-spy activity can include items that your child may see as they stroll through your neighborhood or down the driveway. You can provide a checklist with items required to be found such as a stop sign, pink flower, large car, etc. On your checklist, you can also include names or images of the items that you would like your child to find. You can also target physical objects that you know are located in the neighborhood or items found in nature that they may have to go search for. This activity will allow your child to be observant and identify aspects of nature that they may have not been introduced to before. The I-spy activity will give your child an opportunity to open their eyes to the world beyond their TV screens or iPads. Provided below are two samples that you could use to build your own unique I-spy activity for your children!

If your child enjoys the I-spy adventure, you can incorporate the game wherever you may be or go this summer. If you are traveling somewhere during spring break, you can even use this activity to pass time during the car ride and make a checklist like the sample given below!

The I-spy activity enforces a balance in your child’s daily routine that is necessary for them to be able to grow while they are no longer in school. When your child experiences a balance of enriching activities indoors and outdoors, they will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and state of mind.

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