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Is Your Child Ready for Summer Camp?

The thought of sending a child to summer camp can be an anxious experience for any parent because they may feel it is hard to let go and recognize that their child is independent. Usually, summer camp is a much more stressful experience for the parents than the child. However, it is important to remember that your child will be in great hands. At summer camp, your child will be presented with the opportunity to make new friends and meet camp counselors who can become their role models. This will become an environment where your child will be too busy to miss home or feel overwhelmed. Here are some ways that you can ensure that your child is ready for an Otter Learning summer camp:

  • Remember to ask, “what are you interested in?” To guarantee that your child is able to develop new skills, challenge his / her self, and build a connection with others at the camp, it is vital that you ask what he or she is interested in exploring and learning about.

  • Check your child’s comfort level: If your child repeatedly asks to go to a camp and is excited when talking about it, that's a good sign that they are ready. For younger children or those who are hesitant, consider starting with a day camp. A day camp can be a positive way to ease into the camp experience and determine your child's readiness for a week long summer camp.

  • Just because a child is shy or introverted doesn’t mean she or he can’t have a great time at summer camp. The leaders at our summer camps are educated on how to comfort and teach all types of children; whether they are excited or nervous about the experience. We can ensure you that your child will be supported no matter their personality type or ability to engage in an activity or lesson.

  • Involve your child in the decision-making process: If your child is still unsure of whether summer camp is a good fit, you can consider and review all of the camp options together and even find some friends they can attend camp with. Additionally, you can get your child excited about camp by looking at the camp’s website, browsing through pictures and discussing the variety of activities that they will participate in at camp.

Summer camp will become your child’s favorite childhood memory and will play an important role in your child's growth and development. Summer camp can help children build confidence, make new friends, try new activities, and grow their independence. It’s not only a week focused on developing one particular sport, or subject, but it’s embracing an activity with other kids that share the same passion as your child. Most importantly, summer camp is a place where kids can be kids and simply have fun. To make sure that your child receives all of the benefits of this experience, follow the list provided above to confirm that they are prepared to experience summer camp!

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