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Part 1: At Home Free Resources

For those families that are in self quarantine, have chosen to un-enroll or chose not to participate in the online lesson program we have set up that is provided by our teacher, we wanted to find a way to still find a way to support you and your families. What we are going to be doing over the next few weeks is presenting all of our readers, followers and families with free vetted educational resources for children of all ages. This is our best attempt at trying to keep supporting all of the children from our community.

Each week, we will be providing these resource lists based on specific learning areas (Activity / Well being, Reading / Writing, Math, Languages, etc.). We hope you enjoy!

Week 1 Resource List: Activities of All Kinds

Zero to Three: List of play activities for children aimed to stimulate the senses, build language and thinking skills, and encourage activity and quiet time.

Sesame Street: Games, videos, coloring pages, and a reassuring Elmo await on Sesame Street’s website.

Tinkergarten: Outdoor, play-based learning lessons from trained leaders who deliver a curriculum of activities to build social and emotional skills, thinking skills and body skills. Differentiated by age, ranging from 0 to eight.

Pre-school Inspirations: Lesson plans for toddlers.

The Kid Should See This: STEAM, history, and culture-focused videos for kids of all ages.

How Stuff Works: Educational videos exploring the world around us.

Scholastic Learn-At-Home Resources: Learning experiences for K-9.

RealPlay Coalition: 238 activities for kids from the narrating the world to War (the card game), this is a useful list of the obvious (rock-paper-scissors) and the not-so-obvious (shoe shambles).

Common Sense: List of documentaries for children and families.

Raddish Kids: Kids culinary subscription kit, was giving away 10,000 free cooking kits to families as a way to make the most of their quarantine. Make them give more!

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