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How to Find the Perfect Summer Camp for Your Child

If your child has never attended summer camp and you are considering, Otter Learning provides an enriching environment that is safe and welcomes all children, especially those who feel summer camp may be stepping outside of their comfort zone. We prioritize maintaining a safe and welcoming environment so that children can gain self-confidence while they challenge themselves and learn new skills. Summer camp is a unique place where children are able to enhance communication skills, experience teamwork, and make new friends, all while having fun! Within the camp setting, children develop a sense of independence as they try new adventures away from home.

When deciding which camp to send your child to, it is important to consider your child’s strengths, as well as their limitations so that they are presented with the opportunity to improve and develop. Here is a list of tips that may be helpful for you when deciding which summer camp is the best fit for your child:

  1. Time: It is important to consider how long your child would enjoy attending camp without feeling overwhelmed and burnt out; whether it be a week-long camp, all day or a camp that is just 9am-12pm. It is necessary to consider what is the best option for your child and your schedule.

  2. Location: Be sure to consider the location of the camp, because you want to ensure your child feels comfortable in the environment. We find that it is critical to make sure your child feels secure attending a camp that is far from home, especially in this uncertain health environment. Many would prefer to stay close to home so that they know that you are nearby.

  3. Camp Counselors and Faculty: It is vital that you know your child’s life is in good hands and you do not have to worry about them constantly throughout the day. When your child attends an Otter Learning summer camp, we can confirm that your child is taken care of thoroughly and is protected, so that they can have the best experience possible. All of our teachers are background checked and meet the local childcare / preschool ongoing education requirements.

  4. Balance: When registering your child for their desired camp, it is crucial to consider whether the camp schedule is balanced, so that your child can be active and experience interactive games at the same time. We always recommend targeting a camp that emphasizes health, exercise, and creativity. Each of these is important, but together allows children to engage in all areas of learning and development that are necessary for a young child. It is important that your child is exposed to indoor activities such as mathematics or science, as well as outdoor activities such as soccer or kickball, so that they can maintain a positive attitude while being entertained at summer camp.

  5. Price: It is essential to consider how much you would like to spend to send your child to summer camp. Be sure to consider if there are any additional charges or whether things like lunch / food are included. Given the uncertain environment of being able to travel off location, some camps may already include charges for off campus travel whereas others will only charge if they decide to do so.

Choosing the right summer program for your child is of the utmost importance to guarantee that they will continue to grow, maintain physical wellness, and receive entertainment. Summer camps provide your children an outlet to explore new passions and be creative. It can enrich your child’s break away from school, as well as giving you the opportunity to take a break - All while knowing your child is being taken care of and having fun!

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