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National Teachers Appreciation Month

Every year, we have the opportunity to celebrate our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Month. Much like any year, we feel that it is important to highlight why and how teachers have shaped our lives and made school more enjoyable for children. That said, this year is different. This year, given all of the hardship and perseverance they have endured during the COVID-19 crisis, it is even more important that we take the time to extend a special thanks.

Teachers play a vital role in your child’s life, as well as ours. They create a nurturing environment for your child, so that they can have access to all of the resources needed to develop and grow as a student. Educators influence children’s decisions and choices in life, hoping to lead them to choosing success in their futures. In addition to educating children about the core subjects such as mathematics, reading, writing, and science, teachers also provide children with social and emotional knowledge so that they can develop relationships with others. Overall, teachers provide students with lessons that allow them to gain self confidence and improve academic outcomes. Teachers are equipped with the best skills to help our children develop a good character and values. Teaching is a profession that is not appreciated as much as it should be because teachers dedicate their lives to supporting our children in every way they can. We use the month of May to appreciate teachers because they are the basis of our children’s development and growth. We recognize how blessed we are to have such passionate and dedicated teachers and want to take this opportunity to ensure you know too.

To celebrate National Teachers Month, we encourage students and parents to show their love to all of their teachers.

  • Many teachers provide our students with the materials for success in the future. However, that success is not usually returned. To demonstrate your appreciation to a teacher, you can create a letter like the one below so that your children can write everything that they admire about their teacher. This is an easy and thoughtful way to let your teachers know that you are thinking about them because it showcases that all of their hard work and effort to educate students does make a difference and impact a child’s life.

  • A thoughtful way to celebrate your teachers during quarantine could also be by spending them a gift basket that represents how they have been a role model to your child’s life. This gift basket could include necessary supplies for quarantine, their favorite snacks and treats, or anything that is customized to why you appreciate that specific teacher.

  • To continue social distancing, you could also create a personalized virtual card to symbolize how grateful you are for your teachers’ hard work in the classroom. A personalized ecard is one of the easiest ways to get an entire class involved. Students could also create a video to share their message in a creative and personal way.

Teachers provide more than education; they are a source of encouragement, love, and kindness that shouldn't go unnoticed and unappreciated. Please take advantage of this time to reward those who matter most in your child’s life. A week isn’t enough to appreciate your teachers, so dedicate this ENTIRE month to celebrating your educators! This provides you with the perfect opportunity to recognize the amazing work they do to ensure that your child is prioritized in the classroom and their voice is heard.

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