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Ways Your Child Can Learn Outside of the Classroom

At Otter Learning, our primary focus is for children to obtain academic and social success. We understand that this often requires the child to engage in learning outside of the classroom. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips and resources that can guide you through various methods of supplementing your child’s education on a regular basis—both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic:

Using Technology

Modern technology provides numerous opportunities for children to learn outside of the classroom.

  • Look into the many educational TV shows and games that can entertain and teach your kids important lessons and concepts. 

  • Use video chat to foster social connections with long-distance family members and friends. 

  • Assign your child an out-of-school research assignment, and help them search the web for information. 

  • Make sure you have a kid-friendly tablet or computer.

  • Protect your children and your family’s devices and network by implementing a solid digital security plan.

Outdoor Learning If you want the added benefit of nature, consider these educational ideas for your child:

  • Create an outdoor reading nook for storytime

  • Take nature walks, and talk with your child about the trees, bugs, and rocks. 

  • Plant a garden with your child to engage their senses, strengthen fine motor skills, and encourage healthy eating.

  • Have a picnic at the park, and bring along learning games

  • Set up backyard science experiments like exploding baggies, fizzy volcanos, and sink or float. 

child holding pencil

Other Ideas Here are a few other ways that you can foster your child’s education at home:

  • Consider hiring a tutor, which can do wonders for helping your child develop academically and socially. 

  • Teach your child to share by being a role model; take turns choosing a TV show or completing chores. 

  • Help your child discover fun exercises that they can do regularly, which will benefit their learning, sleep habits, and overall health and well-being. 

  • Find easy, healthy recipes to do with your child; cooking can help them to discover new foods, explore with various senses, and build math and literacy skills. 

Even if your child goes to a great school, supplementing their education outside of the classroom can yield significant academic, social, and health benefits. Consider the tips and resources listed here, and continue researching to find new ways of enhancing your child’s learning and development. 

When it comes to ensuring your child’s education, Otter Learning provides quality education in a safe environment. We strive to offer an exceptional educational experience while nurturing children to develop the necessary social and communication skills. Contact us today!

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