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Getting Children Involved in the Kitchen

Preparing and cooking meals can be very exciting for children. They can feel like they are taking on a responsibility within the household and have fun at the same time! It can also be a great way to encourage your children to eat healthy. When children help to prepare the food and see the process of how foods are made, it makes them more likely to be interested in trying different food groups.

Pretend It’s A Restaurant: This is a fun way to spice up dinner time! Your child will love to pretend they are the waiter or waitress and take your order. This can even be a perfect time to practice spelling with your child as they write down your order on a piece of paper.

Make a Menu: This can be an enjoyable activity for your child as they may create a beverage, appetizer, main dish, and dessert menu. Your child might also want to draw a picture for each menu item!

Family Fun: Many families have crazy schedules, but dinner time may be a time when your family can all sit together at the end of a long day. By starting your child young and teaching them the importance of family time, this can make them cherish this time more. Getting your child involved in the kitchen is a great way to spend quality time with them, as well as giving them a fun activity to do.

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